Thursday, January 31, 2008

Were You An Early Or Late Bloomer?

Whether you were an early or late bloomer, hopefully you'll love these sculptural flower beads that I created.

They're a rather fun little experiment that I've entitled, "Early Bloomers" due to the fact that they have budded and bloomed while it is still quite wintery outside.

Each little bud sports a small stem piece on the top of the bead, and a lovely two-color flower on the bottom.  Inside each flower is a yellow stamen to give them a bit more realism.

The lovely reflective properties of the flowers is due to the natural lines the glass created while wrapping and shaping the flowers into their final designs.

Usually, beads like this have the holes running from the top of the bead out through the flower end, but the holes in these actually run horizontally through the flower's base.

As usual, I'll be posting this unique set of beads into my Etsy shop tomorrow morning.  I hope you can drop by for a visit once they're on full display.

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