Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Just A Quick One Tonight

This is going to have to be quick post since I'm tired and need my beauty rest--more every year.  (No Snicker-ing... young whipper-snappers!)

Tomorrow I'll be posting this interesting flower-shaped bead into my Etsy store.  It's called "Verdant Puzzle Piece" since it is green and reminds me of jigsaw puzzle piece that always seemed to be missing from my puzzles as a kid.
Really, there's nothing more  upsetting than working on a puzzle only to find that you're missing one or more pieces, but I digress.

Rich shades of green reacted with the other glass to create deep browns and blacks on this bead.  Someone mentioned that it was almost shamrock like, but don't think it's quite close enough for that.

There's lots going on here in the next few days and weeks that I'm working to pull together and blog about, so stay tuned...

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