Thursday, January 3, 2008

More New Beads - Congrats Erynn Carney!

I've just finished importing more new pictures of focal beads that I made this past week and am getting them ready for my Etsy shop.

The problem is I have lots of beads and more that need to be cleaned, and I cannot make up my mind which ones will go into the shop next.

Since I cannot make up my mind right now, I think I'll give you all a sneak peek of the next few items coming to my shop.  You'll just have to visit the shop to see which ones come up next.
This will also free me up to do another Tools Of The Trade entry over the weekend.

The pictures I'm including in this post are the next two items being loaded into my shop.  They're both a little different for me, and that makes me happy.   I really like their colors and shapes, and hope you like them too!

AUTHOR NOTE:  It seems that Blogger is having a problem and will not upload the second picture.  So, sorry, but it looks like you'll only get one picture tonight.  So sorry!

Congratulations To Erynn Carney! 

Erynn won the set of beads I donated to CGGE (Creative Glass Guild Of Etsy) for their December drawing.  I'll be sending out these beads to her very quickly, and I hope she enjoys them! 

Erynn, I would love to see pictures of what you make with these, OK?

Have a great night, All!

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