Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Shy Fruit?

Are they shy or is it just early morning in the vineyard?  Well, we may never know, but you won't be bashful about wearing this lovely focal bead that is coming to my Etsy shop in the morning.

Entitled "Blushing Vineyard", this cone focal features a pastel pink background encased in a clear layer of glass.  Four lovely bunches of grapes and their vines are draped around the bead and dangle toward the narrow end of the cone.  Rich green leaves complete the design add a punch of greenery.

These ripening bunches may well be witnessing the pink skies of Napa valley or a beautiful sunset in the French wine country during the late summer.  Let your imaginations run wild with this lovely bead!

So who saw this bead in the new gallery I put up last night?  Anyone?  

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