Sunday, January 27, 2008

Class Dismissed! - Something Chunky For Dessert?

The class on Saturday went very well although we were off to a bit of rocky start with the torches.

For whatever reason, the oxygen concentrators, a machine the pulls oxygen from the air for use in a torch, are cursed in that store, and we just can't figure out why.  Maybe they're intimidated by the two large tanks of oxygen sitting next to them, or they're frustrated that they don't get used that often.  Whatever the case, it does seem that every time I need one for a class, they refuse to work.

Refuse to work, that is, until the class is over.  Then they run like a champs.  Go figure.

Once we got the torches running, which really only delayed us a few minutes but it seemed longer when you've got two anxious students waiting to start playing on the torch, we were off and running.

We practiced a number of techniques like stringer pulling, basic cane making, encasing using two different methods, and glass sculpting and shaping.  Beads were plentiful from these two students, more than I was expecting.  

I've taught this class before and while it's always different depending on the students' experience levels and interests, but I've had students that made 5 beads during the entire class and others that make a dozen.  This time around, there must have been close 30 beads in the kiln by the time we were done.  It was quite crowded, and we ran out of room in it!

They liked trying out the various techniques, many they had not tried before, and really seemed to enjoy themselves, which is always great to hear.  I'll be anxious to see some pictures of their beads after the class (hint hint) very soon.

Looking For A Decadent Dessert?

How about this chunky rendition of "Bananas Foster"?  Rich bananas drizzled in carmel and chocolate never looked this wearable (unless you've been out to dinner with me when  I've ordered it).

Using the delicious desert as my inspiration (I actually did have the title before making the beads, I swear), I coupled rich transparent ambers, dark brown and banana yellow to create this fun and funky bead set.

All of the beads in this set are hollow, whether they look like it or not.  Each decorated with a unique design, the set is punctuated with five transparent amber hollows to separate the many patterns and textures.

I hope you enjoy this set as much I did when I made it.  The hollow sets really seem to set me free from design preconceptions which is quite freeing.

This large set will be in my Etsy shop starting tomorrow morning.  Don't let this dessert go waste (or waist), dig in!

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This is gorgeous!!!!