Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bead Galleries For 2007 On Updated Web Site

Lamp Of Luxury Website Update

The updated web site is really taking shape now and I can't wait for you all to see it.  With a couple hours of work organizing the photos from last year, I've gotten several of the new galleries loaded up onto the test web server.  

I've organized the Beads galleries into 5 main categories:  
  • Hollow Beads
  • Focal Beads
  • Bead Sets 
  • Sculptural Beads (frogs, fish, etc)

You'll find albums by sub-categories on each of these main galleries to further help organize the beads since they come in so many different kinds.

Other galleries that have been loaded are the Gifts and Other Artists which have their own album pages.

I've also updated a few of glitches on the site that I found while testing in IE last week and added Google's AdSense to the bottom of the main pages.

New Gallery Features

The new galleries have several features that I think will really improve your use of them as well as keep my tasks much easier.  Here's the highlights of the new gallery features:

  • New Slideshow Mode For Albums In The Galleries
  • Subscribe To An Album Or Gallery And Be Notified When An Update Occurs
  • View Albums As Thumbnails Or Enlarge Images
  • View Smaller Slides (Or Not) Of The Album While In Enlarged Mode
  • Preview Albums By Dragging Mouse Over Album Covers
Web Site Input Requested

I've tested the web site out in Safari and IE and it works pretty well in both (however IE is MUCH slower at rendering the pages).  I'd love to get feedback from you to see how the speed and response time for the site works on your computer.  

Come take a look at the new site at:  Web.Mac.Com/BurningScentsations and let me know what you think and if you're having any issues.

I look forward to hearing your reviews on the new design and its performance.  I'd especially like to hear from any FireFox users out there too!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, and have a great night.

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