Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Vines A Leaping - Harvest Nears!

Have you had enough of the grapes yet?  I hope not since I'm having so much fun making these interesting and fun beads.  I love how the finished beads look and feel; I get a great sense of accomplishment.

While my wine stopper beads were too big for their intended purpose, I still love how they came out and am very proud to bring you the next one in this series entitled "Harvest Nears".

This bead has a Carrot Red background, which is an odd lot color (not a regularly produced color) by Vetrofond.  It is a rich translucent color that had a terrific swirling grain when worked which makes a very nice background.  

Against this warm sunset color, the bright purple grapes really contrast and shine.  Lots of leaves and twisting vines add a great texture and interest to the bead.

I hope that you will get a chance to visit my shop tomorrow and take a look at all of the pictures of this focal bead.

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