Wednesday, March 12, 2008

If Spring Doesn't Start Soon...

...I may have to use my talisman.

Winter has been especially long this year here in Chicago and we've gotten about four years worth of snow in the past few months.  That can get really old after a while of having to deal with snow, and salt, and slippery roads, and bitter cold and ...  The winter blues just go on and on!
Fortunately, I've created a new talisman that can be used to invoke spring and I may just have to use it if Spring doesn't start soon.

My latest bead in the "Silhouette" series entitled "Talisman Of Spring" has that mystical power to bring Spring (or at least warm thoughts of Spring) to a city near you!  

I've trapped the rich, emerald green of spring inside this bead with  layer of clear class.  Onto one side, a stark, black tree awaits its first new leaves.  On the other side, transparent dots have been placed to direct the magical forces into the barren tree and help jump-start this whole process!

As you can see, this bead really sparkles and is should make someone a very happy owner.  I'll be loading this beauty into my Etsy Shop tomorrow morning.

Don't let Spring get started in someone else's city before yours!

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