Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Quiet Moment At Sunset

That what the tree beads bring to mind for me, a quiet moment.  

Sometimes the moments are at twilight or dusk, other times, early morning.  Sometimes, the time doesn't matter at all, just that the moment exists.

My newest tree focal bead has its quiet moment at a sunset.  This bead, entitled "Cliffside Sunset", depicts a very twisted, sprawling tree as the sun sets into the western sky.  The warm colors of the bead could indicate a western state, like Arizona or New Mexico, but it can be anywhere you like or a sunset that you enjoyed in your childhood under a similar old tree.

As the title implies, the tree sits along the edge of cliff, which gives the viewer of the sunset in the valley below an amazing vantage point.  This old tree is waiting for you come sit under it and enjoy the view.  

Wouldn't you like to rest a bit?

I'll be adding this bead to my Etsy Shop tomorrow morning, as usual with several new pictures and more bead information.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great night.


Betina Sandra Guelman said...

is beautiful!

Burning Scentsations said...

Thank you so much Betina and welcome to my blog.

It's great hearing from readers, and I'm so glad you left a comment.