Wednesday, March 5, 2008

It's not radioactive, but it glows!

This past weekend, I tried a little experiment on a bicone bead that I created.  I took banana yellow pastel glass, and encased it with dark emerald green.  I wasn't sure what it would look like, but I thought it might be a cool color combo.

Well, once I encased the bead and re-shaped it, I then added, guess what, grape vines and leaves.  The result is this bright and fun little bead I'm calling "Glowing Vineyard".

Since it was NOT designed as a wine stopper, it is much smaller than the rest of my beads for this week.

It's decorated with four bunches of two-tone (red and purple) grapes along with the vines and leaves that my vineyard beads are known for.
The background color reminds me of almost the glass color of a 7-Up bottle.  I encased it in a number of directions, so the background has some texture to it, like the wind blowing that is rather cool.

I'll be adding this bead to my Etsy shop tomorrow, so I hope you can come take a look.

Have a great night, All!

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