Monday, March 10, 2008

More Galleries On Web Site - Silhouette's Premiere

As promised last night, I did get my beads cleaned and photographed from Sunday's torching session and will have new item in my store tomorrow.

In addition, I also uploaded more grapevine focal beads to my web site and added a new gallery for my Dot Design focals that I made a few weeks back.

If you'd like to view the new gallery, click HERE.  

To see all of the vineyard pictures, click HERE

Now, on to the new Silhouette series.

Silhouette Series Premieres On Etsy Tomorrow

While I was pondering life all day Saturday from the comfort of my bed, an idea came to me about the types of backgrounds I usually use on my vineyard, tree and raised floral beads.  They're always opaque.

What would happen if I created a fully transparent bead with a raised design?  What if the back of the bead was textured a bit to bend the light as it travels through the bead?  

With those two questions, I created "Silhouette" a new bead series which depicts foreground items, such as trees and vines, as just their shadow while a bright and light catching transparent background is used to highlight the image.

This first bead in the series is entitled "Spring's Early Light".  In the foreground, a tree that is bare of foliage still in the early morning hours.  In the background, the cold, blue of night and winter is fading on the horizon with the first few light rays of warm sunshine and the promise of more ahead.

That is what this bead means to me and the images it brings to mind.  In addition to being very sparkly in the light, the textured back is also really cool to rub against your fingers like a miniature massager.  That was an unexpected benefit, but might be a hit with customers. Time will tell.

The transparent core of the bead has been encased twice for additional depth and interest and segregates the colors from the touch of the viewer like a piece of Spring has been trapped forever.

So, now it's your turn.  What do you think of the new design so far?

This bead will be added to my Etsy shop in the morning with additional pictures of it from various angles and more information. 

Have a great night.

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