Sunday, March 16, 2008

Time To Design Something New!

Well, I'm winding up a very productive weekend and will soon have pictures to post for you to peruse on my web site and here in my blog.

I worked on a couple of new chain mail designs, at least one is for myself, that I cannot wait to get photographed and show to you all.  I have about another hours work to complete the second piece which will probably be used for upcoming art fairs along with another design I haven't started yet which utilizes a tree bead from last week that I have not listed in my shop.

In addition to chain mail, I decided to focus on pieces for shows rather than items for my Etsy shop since I have so many items listed.  A week off will give me time to try out a couple of designs that I will need, but haven't perfected. 

While I need to purchase jewelry supplies, I have decided to focus on using all of the findings and jewelry supplies I have before the expense of buying more.  A very sensible decision, I'm sure you can agree.  This means I'll be making more earrings, bracelets, wine stoppers, and letter openers before I start looking into necklaces again.

As you know, I attempted wine stoppers a couple weeks back, but they all came out too tall.  Today I made a new one that should be the perfect height.  I cannot wait to see how it comes out and display it for you.  If this works out, I'll repeat the technique to create the rest of the ones I need.  More grapes anyone?

In addition, I'm working on letter openers that I've had for a bit, but am just now trying out beads to see how they work on these unique findings.  I haven't decided on the type of beads to use for these, so I made a set of beads rolled in frit to see how they will fit together and look on the opener.  This little experiment should let me know if I am on the right track or need to re-think the design a bit.

Tomorrow, I'll be taking the beads out of the kiln, clean them up and possibly start putting together the new pieces.  With any luck, pictures should be forthcoming shortly afterwards.

Without any luck, I'll have a sad tale to tell you tomorrow or the next day.  Well, let's hope for the best.

Have a great night!

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