Monday, March 31, 2008

Do You Like Purple Knights?

I took my latest chain mail design, entitled "Purple Knights" to work today to get everyone's reaction to it and to see if it needed to be lengthened when the ladies tried it on.

As fate would have it, several of them were wearing purple or coordinating colors and it was great to see it on them.  They all seemed to really like it.

This necklace utilizes several of my "Deep Purple" hollow beads and disks in conjunction with a striking Byzantine weave chain which I designed around the beads.    A simple "S" clasp is used currently, but I will probably trade it up for a more ornate "S" clasp or a toggle when I get some more in stock.

I wasn't sure I could work beaded sections into a chain mail necklace and have it come out looking like I wanted, but I was apparently wrong.  I love how this necklace hangs and I hope this type of design will be very popular at upcoming shows.

I know I promised this would entail a matching bracelet, but I haven't finished it yet (its half done).  Actually, I will have three matching bracelets when all is said and done since the size of the beads and length of the beaded sections would have made one bracelet way too big once I started connecting them with chain mail.  While I could have worn the larger size, I'm not making bracelets for would look funny on me.

A Package Arrives

My latest glass order arrived today in a large box that I cannot wait to rip into.  With everything going on tonight, I just didn't have time to open it and inventory the glass.  It will happen soon I can assure you since I have several new colors and more colors that I've been out of for a while.  Lots of cool beads coming soon!

Tomorrow Night

I may not have a posting tomorrow evening since Robert and I going to see a new play at First Folio Shakespeare Festival in Oakbrook.  The play we're seeing is "Driving Miss Daisy", and I cannot wait.  Having seen the movie several times, I cannot imagine how it would be produced on the stage, but I guess I will find out tomorrow.

If we get home early enough, I will let you know how it was, but the update will probably need to wait until Wednesday night.

Have a great evening!

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