Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Official...I've Applied

To what, you ask?

Well, I've applied for the Naperville Art League's Riverwalk Fine Art Fair.  I attended this fair for the first time last September at the recommendation of a co-worker of mine.

I checked it out and was very impressed with the quality if the items in the fair and beautiful setting of the fair along the river.  If I get in, I will be amongst some amazing artists in a number of mediums including painting, sculpture, pottery, textiles and of course, GLASS.

Last year there were a number of glass blowers and sculptors present, but only one lampwork jewelry booth.  This year I'm hoping to make that two or one (if she doesn't come back).   Wish me luck.

It will several months before I know anything, so now I just have to wait and see what happens.

New Glass Ordered

In preparation for attending the two shows I've applied to (so far), I decided to place a new glass order to replenish a number of colors that I've run out of over the year since my last order and get a few new colors into my supply.

It's amazing that I can make beads for a year at a time and still have a ton of glass, but need more since I'm out of so many colors.  How can I have so much glass in the basement and not have enough?

Oh well, I guess it's just an artist thing.

Any New Store Items?

Today's torching session was quite productive in that I got some new canes pulled for vines and grapes and created a couple organic beads (one will be stopper, hopefully) and I also created a new fish bead which should also end up being a wine/bottle stopper if it fits.  I haven't made a fish in nearly a year, but I certainly haven't forgotten how.  I think is one of my best ones yet.

Of course, there will be lots of pictures this week if I don't put anything into my shop.  Now that I've taken care of a number of business items, I should have more torch time on Tuesday so that may generate a new store item or two.

Stay tuned!

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