Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New Gallery Loaded Into Website!

As I'm typing this entry, I am uploading a new Sculptural Beads gallery into the web site containing my latest non-traditional beads for 2008.  This is just the start of this gallery, so be sure to subscribe to it and get all of the latest updates sent directly to you!

The new gallery contains pictures of my latest leaf bead sets as well as my "Early Bloomers" flower bud beads.

Have I mentioned how much simpler updating my website is now with my new Mac?  

New Item In Etsy

Just when you thought it was safe to go into my shop, you see it.  Another new dot design!

While I made grapes this weekend, that doesn't mean I've listed all of my dot beads yet.  This little gem is called "Pinky Blues" for its Lilac Ice base bead and the deep ink blue of its dots.

It's got a lovely contrast between the warm and cool shades, don't you think?  Under the blue dots, white dots were used and can be seen in the photo if look carefully.

Hope you're having a great night.  Sleep well!

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