Monday, February 25, 2008

Harry Potter And The Academy Awards

My apologies to everyone who thought you'd get a preview last night of what I was posting into shop this morning.  I had a couple of distractions going yesterday that preventing a blog posting, but you'll be glad to know you didn't miss anything;  I slept in this morning and decided not to add a new item to my store until tomorrow.

What were the distractions, you ask?  Well, first off the Academy Awards were on.  Since we're big movie buffs, that night is rather like Christmas around here.  I wanted to see who was winning which awards and if Johnny Depp would pull-off the Best Actor for "Sweeney Todd".  He didn't, but I had to support him anyway since the movie was so terrific.  Go see it if you haven't already.

John Stewart was pretty funny this year and I think he did a great job hosting. Overall, I really enjoyed this year's show even though I haven't seen  a few of the nominees.
The other MAJOR distraction is "Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows" which I am re-reading.  I love this series of books.  Once I had read my brand new copy of book 7 when it arrived during the summer, I re-started the entire series with book 1 and have been reading it ever since.

The fifth book remains my least favorit and the hardest one to get through (it took a couple of months, but I was also reading about MACs at the time), but is really necessary to set up the rest of the books.  

I'm getting toward the final battle in the book and decided to give it a read instead of blogging last night.  Please don't hate me!

What's New For Tomorrow

Yesterday, I was working on grape focals again and created several new tabular beads with grapes, vines and leaves.  The first of these will be going into my Etsy shop in the morning.

Entitled, "Ripening Harvest", this tabular bead is adorned with three bunches of grapes, lots of creeping vines and vibrant green leaves.

I'm still experimenting with background colors for these types of beads as you will see as the week progresses.

This background is Moroccan Swirl and is encased in a clear layer to add some depth to the bead.

This focal bead is the smallest of the beads I made yesterday, and coincidentally is also the smallest bead.  I don't know why when I'm making these beads, they keep getting bigger as I work.  Probably because I want more room to add the grapes and vines onto the beads.

This bead will be added to Etsy in the morning, so I hope you'll come a take a look.  Have a great night!

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