Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Never Promised You A Rose Garden...

But I created one anyway with this pendant and earring set entitled "Rose Garden".

The second in my series of three custom orders that I designed, it has deep red roses and purple hyacinth flowers blooming against a background of black which makes the colors really pop and seem electric.

Sterling silver lever-back earrings each have a medium lentil bead with a hyacinth and rose flower on each side.

Both the pendant and earrings use sterling silver wire, and small zinc bicones for some added pizazz.  

As I worked on the various rose beads, I have noticed that the control over the flowers is getting better and each bead gets a little more uniform. 

This amazes me every time I see something that I couldn't do before become closer and close to how I imagined the set to come out.  Practice, especially in lampwork, does make a huge difference.

On The Web Front

Tomorrow, I will not be going to the gym, so I will get a chance to work on the new web site and start pulling in the jewelry galleries which are still absent at the moment.   I've had to wait until I procured the actual web hosting space, since I was using the trial subscription to see how the new software would interact with the service.

Now, I'm pleased to report that the .Mac (pronounced Dot-Mac) service and its integration with the software, is really going to make maintaining my web site easier and give you much more features to view and enjoy and hopefully keep you coming back for more!

We're expecting snow tonight and tomorrow, so if I get a snow day from work, then I might get some torch time too!  However, the predictions of lots of snow tonight are now being restated for lots of snow during tomorrow, so I'll probably have to work afterall.  

Pray for snow everyone!

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