Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Most Productive Weekend

What a difference a week makes.

Unlike last weekend when I was sick and feeling lousy, this weekend I was able to actually accomplish a number of things.

One of the items on my list of accomplishments is this necklace called "Tribal Summer" which consists of 7 lampwork lentil beads in a bright orange and decorated with turquoise scrollwork.  

A sterling silver toggle clasp and black onyx beads complete the design which was a custom order for one of my clients who loved the Tribal Summer set of beads in my shop too much to let anyone else have them.

Usually when I'm on the torch, I like to have a lot of beads made and ready for the week, but his weekend I was in a very different mood.  I decided to think less about quantity, and more about creating something that was beautiful--regardless of how large or small the items were.

I hope you appreciate the results.  Several new focal beads and new hollow set were created out of this endeavor. 
This first focal is entitled "Sherwood Forest" and was created from a rich chocolate brown base bead.  Onto the dark background, dots of banana yellow were arranged all around the bead and melted down a bit. 

For a touch of neon and to give this focal a bit of zing, a layer of transparent emerald green was then placed over the top of the banana dots and fused onto the banana dots with a good dose of heat.

Voila!  One little focal bead that will be showing up in my Etsy shop in the morning along with a lot more pictures!

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