Friday, February 29, 2008

Good Morning Teacher!

Tomorrow afternoon, I will be attending a Chainmaille class at Caravan Beads in Chicago.  

While I won't be making armor or kinky outfits (unless you need a kinky outfit) with these techniques, it will enable me to design and create custom chains for use with my lampwork beads.  The unique chains that can be made offer a wide array of design possibilities.

The class is being taught by Vanessa of Blue Buddha Boutique.  I found out about this web site and their lovely work while at the Bead and Button show last June.  I was very pleased to learn they were from Chicago, and now I can take one of their classes.

I'll be bringing in one my beads to work into the piece we're making tomorrow and it will eventually be worn by me.  I'll have to get some pictures when the piece is completed, of course!

While these chains can be worn by men and women, I'm hoping to create some more masculine designs with the chains and add another dimension to my work.

Wish me luck and I hope you all have great weekend!

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