Sunday, April 20, 2008

How Would You Like To Open Letters In Style?

Well, I have finally completed my first letter opener after several weeks of having these beads sitting on my work table, and you will get to see the new opener here first.

The beads were easy enough to make and I figured four would do the trick. However, when I put the beads onto the opener, there was a gap in the beads. They slid up and down and I could see the rod going through their holes. It was a catastrophe!

At least it was to me. None of my spacers in bali silver or zinc would fit onto the rod since the holes were not big enough. I was deadlocked and there wasn't anything I could do, until I found myself in a bead shop this weekend.

I was there purchasing something else entirely, and I found these little pewter stars with holes that looked pretty large. I tried them on and BINGO! They fit onto the letter opener and I completed the opener I started over a month ago. (Sometimes, art takes time!)

I'm calling this one Seaside since since the blues and greens in the beads remind me of the ocean. Now that I've got that completed, I've got many more to make!

I'm not listing anything new into Etsy tomorrow, but I've got a whole bunch of new earrings and their pictures, so they'll be loaded into the web site very soon!

Have a great week and we'll chat soon. Thanks for stopping by!


GetGlassy said...

Beautiful bead and letter opener Lloyd!

Burning Scentsations said...

Hi Glassy,

Thank you so much for the compliment and leaving a message for me. It was a very nice surprise when I logged in tonight.

'm so glad you like the opener. Hopefully, many more will follow!