Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Big Day For CGGE On Etsy!

As you may recall, I am a member of the Creative Glass Guild Of Etsy or CGGE. Today was a very big day in the Etsy forums for us since we have had one of our biggest, if not THE BIGGEST posting of new glass art today.

There has been so much new work posted that I have not been able to keep up with all of it and still have more to look at.

Our thread for today can be found HERE.

There are so many wonderful artists in this group, I think you will find persuing the links to new items and the chit-chat and banter between everyone very entertaining. Who knows, you might actually find something you can't live without.

All of the artisans in this group are very open and friendly and love the chat with anyone who may have a questions or request.

Won't you come take a look at some of the beauty you may have been missing?

I start one of these "What's New" threads each day on Etsy. The link to the new thread, once it has been posted, is added to the prior day's so that everyone can find the new posting since there are so many on Etsy going at any given time.

Come dive in!


creationsinglass said...

HI Lloyd!
Great blog and thanks for featuring the CGGE!

It's so fun to be a part of the group!
Kris & Peggy

Burning Scentsations said...

Thank you so much.

It was a pleasure to publish a post about the group. After the huge number of listings, I thought it should be commemorated!

Thanks for the note,