Friday, December 28, 2007

A Very Productive Friday

Caffeine Fueled Productivity

Despite sleeping in this morning, I actually got quite a bit accomplished including cleaning my beads from last weekend, taking photos, importing more pictures from my old computer and making more focal beads.

Thank you Starbucks!  I'm not sure what it is about their frappuccinos, but the Venti Java Chip really fires my creativity.  I get a lot more done when I've had one than when I don't, and I'm much more willing to try things that may be difficult or experimental.  

The new Mac is getting my image libraries more organized than they have ever been and should make the creation of the new web site even simpler yet since I'll know exactly where the pictures are that I want to include.

New Item Coming To Etsy

Anyway, speaking of pictures, here's a pic of the new focal bead I'll be loading into my Etsy shop tomorrow morning.  I was hoping to load this up this morning, but since I didn't get the blog entry up and had other things going on, I thought I'd just wait until tomorrow.

This focal has a really great depth to the colors used in it.  There's a lot of subtle color
 variation and lacing occurring that makes this bicone just magical (at least IMHO).  The colors used in this one were a bit of an experiment, but I'm really happy with how it came out.

This particular style of bead is known as an Organic, which is to say it has a natural stone look and does not have a regular pattern like a floral or other type of bead.  This type of bead is quite fun to make because there are no rules and you never know how they will come out.  

The beads I made today are also organic focals, but they're in very different shapes than this one.  More on those in the next post or two.

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