Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bead & Button Show Schedule Has Arrived!


When I came home for lunch this afternoon to let the dogs out into the yard for their mid-day relief, I was greeted to a plastic covered magazine in my mailbox. I took a quick look at it and discovered that is was the schedule for the Bead and Button show in 2008. Since the show does not occur until June, I was a bit surprised that the schedule for all of the classes was out.

I've only just started going through it tonight after work, but let me tell you, there are a ton of great ones listed. I'm not talking just lampwork classes either. There are classes in seed beads, metalworking, PMC (precious metal clay), polymer clay, fusing, felting, marketing, etc. Just about every bead and jewelry design possibility is in there.

Last year was the first year I attended this week-long event and actually took a couple of classes and stayed in Milwaukee, WI (home of Laverne & Shirley) for the show. It was an amazing time, and I cannot wait to repeat that experience again this year.

For more information on the show, just follow this LINK to their show web site. It's truly a great time and a very inspirational and educational experience.

On-line registration opens on January 15th which is why I was so surprised that the schedule came so early. I wasn't planning on checking for their schedule until the New Year, but I guess there's no time like the present.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest topics, I can be reached through this blog or through my web site or shop at:

Excuse my while I continue to review the class schedule.

See you there!

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