Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Striking While Iron Is Hot--Easter Festival I Sold!

Today has a been a great day for sales. I sold two sets of custom earrings at work, and I'm so pleased that the set I listed into Etsy this morning has sold! It's only the second time that an item that I've posted has sold the same day. I guess it's all a matter of having the right design at the right time. I'll be shipping out that set tomorrow. I hope you enjoy them Linda!

Since that set has sold, I've decided to put the second part of the set tomorrow morning into my Etsy shop. If you're reading this blog before tomorrow morning, you're a night own, and you're going to know what the second half looks like before it gets listed.
Meet Easter Festival II. This set is also comprised of five hollow lampwork beads that have been colored with a transparent frit. The colors in this set are all different from the last one--no duplicates. The colors in this set (L->R top picture) are Copper Blue, Saffron, Gold Ruby, Sour Apple, and Fuchsia. All very bright and beautiful springtime colors.

This sizes of the beads in this set are all pretty close the beads in the first half, and would look great as a necklace.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest topics, I can be reached through this blog or through my web site or shop at:

Anyway, wish me luck and hopefully these too will be quite popular!

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