Sunday, May 4, 2008

Prepping For A Mother's Day Show At Work

I've been very busy this weekend getting ready for a new show that I 'm doing at work in preparation of Mother's Day.

I've made up a bunch more earrings, beads for letter openers in various colors and desings and am going through the many and varied beads I have for other jewelry design options.

I'm pooped! (So this is going to be a short one tonight)

All of the earrings I've made have been photographed, but probably won't be put onto the web site until after my show on Wednesday.

I did one of these shows just before Thanksgiving last year and it was very successful. Let's hope that lightning will strike twice!

And to answer that question that's probably on your mind, no, I have not yet heard from Septemberfest. Hopefully soon one way or the other.

Have a great night, and keep your fingers crossed for me!

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