Sunday, August 17, 2008

Burning Scentsations On Facebook!

I've been quite busy this weekend getting set up on Facebook.

As you may know, Facebook is a social networking site where you can connect to friends, family, businesses, fan groups and just about everything else you can imagine. The system is set up to help organize updates from all of your contacts, and keeps you up to date with what your friends are doing and saying in one easy place. Best of all, using Facebook is FREE.

I'm planning on using the site to connect with friends and customers around the country, but in addition to that, I've set up a company page for Burning Scentsations.

Of course, this blog and my other websites are not going anywhere, but I'm hoping this will help increase my exposure on the net. If you're on Facebook, please be sure to stop by the Burning Scentsations page.

I'm still adding photos and features to the page, so be sure to become a Fan of the page so that changes and updates will be forwarded to you automatically. An events calendar will also be coming once I've confirmed the shows I'll be doing this Fall.

More new stuff is coming to Etsy soon also, so stay tuned!


FormFire Glassworks said...

Linked up! Happy to see you on Facebook!

Flowing Glass Studios said...

Hi Lloyd,

I don't have a Facebook page, having set myself on MySpace a while back instead. Good luck on the additional exposure!

FlowingGlass (aka Leigh)

Burning Scentsations said...


Thanks for the link. I've linked up to you too.

Let's hope we can take Facebook by storm!


How do you like MySpace? I'm really anxious to see how Facebook works out for me.

Best of Luck and

Thanks to both of you for posting!