Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Attention All Bears!

Hey Bears, I've got a new listing coming to my Etsy Shop tomorrow that you might just be interested in. I'm entitling the series "Bear Wear" and have a number of fun ideas.

The choker, strung on nylon coated steel cable with a magnet clasp, is called "Ivory Bear Paw".

This is the first of several new pieces with a Bear Theme coming to my shop. A dark black paw print is on the front of the bead in this choker, but there's a surprise on the back of the bead that you won't see until tomorrow.

Silver and ivory glass create a marble -like background for the dark black bear paw and the design on the back of the bead.

The lines visible in the black paw print are actually reflections in the glass of me taking the picture. The paw is solid black like onyx.

To see the entire design (along with the surprise), be sure to check out my new listing tomorrow in My Shop.

Have a great night!

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Flowing Glass Studios said...

Hi Lloyd,

Just reading up on your latest blog post and wanting to know who these bears are that you are targeting... :-)

AKA Leigh