Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowtaculer, Snowtacular!

Snowtacular! Snowtacular!
No words in the vernacular
can describe the cold event!

You'll be numb with wonderment!

Yes, we've survived the great blizzard and 7 or 8 power outages that kept interrupting our shows like V and Being Human! 

We eventually realized that Being Human was cursed, so we stopped trying to watch it and started to play Abalone (the game, not the mollusk) by candlelight.  I BEAT ROBERT! 

The minute we got the game set up and he finished explaining the rules, the power came back on.  We did our part to keep the power on by not turning on the TV or the lights.  I BEAT ROBERT! 

It was very fun sitting there playing a fun game with the candles burning.  Sweat rolling down his brow as I moved the final piece into place.  I BEAT ROBERT! 

To be fair, he was a bit distracted with the storm and the power situation at the time.  At least, that's what he kept saying after I BEAT ROBERT! 

It's just a good thing I'm not very competitive!

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