Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do you want to be successful? Read This!

For those of you who know me, I'm not a regular blog reader.  I'm barely a regular blog writer, but am working on getting back to that.  However, I have found something that I need to share with everyone!

Allow me to introduce:  The Fluent Self Blog

This is a gold mine of do's and don'ts for running just about any business, but with a focus on Internet and artistic salesmanship. 

Sounds boring doesn't it?  Its NOT.  She's got a great conversational style and a great sense of humor.

My introductory article was this one:  It's Not The Economy

I soon discovered a bunch of other articles that I will need to read as well.  I'm so glad I found this one, and I hope you will be too.

If you're having trouble with sales or want to increase sales (which we do, right?) or just to get a new perspective on your website, business or Internet presence, then this is the blog for you (and ME).

I will be following this blog and taking notes since it really speaks to me, and is a great, fun read.

I hope you enjoy it! 



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